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Summer-Holiday-LogoIt’s nearly the end of the year and we are all looking forward to having some wonderful stories on this blog to read over the holidays. So get your finished stories in as soon as you can. The first story is up now for you to read.

Can’t wait to read your books!


Set the Story Straight

What an exciting time this is with the first step of our project well under way. Here are the pictures that are the inspiration for your writing

Prep – Year 2

Year 3 and above

We hope you are enjoying the challenge and are almost ready to swap your writing with your buddy. Don’t forget to proof read your story !

Happy Writing

Set The Story Straight

Congratulations to the amazing authors who took part in our last writing project. Your writing has been viewed by people from all around the world.

So many of you have asked for another collaborative writing project….with even more challenge. So here it is……….


To write a tandem story with another class in another school.


The challenge takes place over the last 3 weeks in November.

Once you have committed to the project you will be paired up with another class of similar age or another student of a similar level.

In the first week you will be sent the same photo and asked to write the orientation for the story. This would include the setting, who the characters are, what they are like and what they are doing in that place and what is their goal.

At the end of the week you will email your section to your buddy and you  will create the complications for each other’s story.

In the third week you will receive your story back. This will be the exciting bit. Chances are it will now bear no resemblance to your original idea. Your challenge is to provide a solution to the story.

Publish your story as a Youblisher and send us the link so you can share it with the world!


by Thursday November 8 – Commit to the project by writing a comment to this post. Include your email address but it will not be made public.

Monday  November 12 – you will receive your stimulus picture and the email address of your writing buddy

Monday  November 19 – email your writing  to your writing buddy and complete the complication

Monday  November 26 – writing is emailed back to the original author to complete the story and publish as a Youblisher.


  • You may not change another author’s writing.
  • Make sure you have edited your writing and happy with the copy before sending it to your writing buddy because there will not be an opportunity to edit it later
  • All copies are to be written in Word – Arial, font size 12 and sent as an attachment
  • There will be two different pictures. One for Prep to Year 2 and another for older students
  • This can be a whole class, group or individual activity
  • Final publication is done in Youblisher. You are now in control of the presentation of your story. You may change the font, add illustrations and create the title.
  • Acknowledge your co-author but remember – only use first names. You may include your school.

HAVE FUN – we can’t wait to see your writing


Have you ever read a book that you loved so much you wanted to tell everyone about it.

Have you ever said to some one “you’ve just gotta read this book”?

That’s what this project is about. If you read a book you LOVE and want to share, then tell us…and the whole world about it!

Just use any Web 2 tool to tell us about your book, send the link to us and we will put your presentation on the blog for everyone to see.

You could try Animoto or Youblisher. You could make a movie, use Go Animate or Blabberise or even make a comic with a tool like Comic Master. In fact anyway at all…so long as it has a URL link you can send to us.

You might like to:

  • Summarise the story
  • Tell us what happened that was exciting, sad, magical, or special
  • Tell us why you LOVE the book
  • Convince us to read the book

Inspirational writing to share.

In the last 2 weeks many young and inspiring authors have contributed their books toour blog. We invite you to join the many people who have already read these amazing stories and commented and perhaps join the wonderful conversations that have grown.

Here are some suggestions to get the best from your comments


  • Think of writing comments just like writing a letter. So start with a greeting and end by signing off with your first name
  • Keep your comments short
  • You are sharing your thoughts with the world so say something that matters.
  • Be supportive and positive, but give examples –“ I like it” doesn’t help a lot
  • Make sure your comment is relevant to the post
  • Maybe ask a question or start a conversation
  • Say something that helps to author with their work or thinking or adds more information
  • And of course, don’t forget to proof read your comment for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Enjoy commenting…it could be the beginning of a great conversation!

Week 5

Wow – what a week! There are already 6 books written by our gifted young authors in the “Three Photo Fiction Challenge”. You can read them in the tab above. It has been a joy to read the great stories and so exciting to see students and teachers having conversations through the blog about their writing.

We can’t wait to see all the other Three Photo Fiction stories – your world of readers awaits you!

This is also an exciting time for those authors working on the Five Photo Challenge. Your last photo is now available. Good luck with your writing – we look forward to receiving your books in the next two weeks.

Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of our writing challenge. By now you would be well into your narrative and we have all seen some wonderful writing evolving. This is such an exciting time, especially for those authors involved in the Three Photo Fiction section because this is your last image. Don’t forget, the “Tips and Resources Section” has lots of information to help you create your final Youblisher.

We all know how important planning is before we write, check out how 2 primary classes at Al Siraat College planed the first two weeks of their story in the “Tips and Resources Section”